Delicate cashew-banana cream with a chocolate crunch crust. A vegan treat with no added sugar and plenty of healthy fats.

This is a variant of the Creamed Cashew Banana Cake recipe. It uses more coconut milk and adds a few gums. The guar gum makes it creamier and the locust bean gum thickens it. This creates a lighter and smoother texture.

Top this lovely cake with fresh fruits. I had some currants and blueberries, the tart-sweet berries combine splendidly with the cake.

I also melted some chocolate and drizzled it across the cake. I was in decorating mode and forgot to write the proportions. It’s a 99% chocolate melted with cashew, or almond milk, to thin it out.

Cashew Cream Cacao Cake



  1. 130 g ⁷⁄₈ cup
  2. 60 g
    Cacao Bean
  3. 130 g
    Dried Figs
  4. 1 whole
    juicedFresh Lemon


  1. 200 g 1¹⁄₄ cup
  2. 2 whole
  3. 150 g 160 mL
    Coconut Oil
  4. 410 g 400 mL
    Coconut Milk
  5. 1 teaspoon
    Vanilla Extract
  6. 1 whole
    juicedFresh Lemon
  7. 1 teaspoon
    Guar Gum
  8. 1 teaspoon
    Locust Bean Gum


  • mixing bowl
  • cake pan (26cm Ø)
  • blender
  • stove
  • pot



  1. Soak the cashews overnight, for at least 4 hours, in water.


  1. Put the almonds in the blender and blend to a course flour. Transfer the almond flour to a mixing bowl.
  2. Put the cacao beans in the blender and chop to course sand. The skins may not blend well; that’s okay, they’ll add extra texture. Add the cacao beans to the mixing bowl.
  3. Chop the figs with a knife into small pieces. Add the chopped figs to the mixing bowl.
  4. Pour the lemon juice into the mixing bowl.
  5. Mix thouroughly with your hands, kneading until a solid ball forms.
  6. Press the mixture into the bottom of a cake pan.


  1. Put the cashews, bananas, coconut oil, coconut milk, vanilla, lemon juice, guar gum, and locust bean gum in a blender.
  2. Blend until smooth. How smooth this gets depends on your blender — a bit gritty still tastes fine.
  3. Pour the mixture into a pot.
  4. Heat on the stove on high heat until the mixture starts to thicken. This happens at around 80°C.
  5. Spread the creamy mixture on the top of the crust.
  6. Place the cake pan in the fridge and let set for at least 4 hours.