Modern Healthy Cuisine

Tag: vegetarian


Brazil Nut Carrot Pepper Stir Fry

A delicious stir fry created from a limited number of ingredients. Punching through with their intense flavour, the brazil nuts bring a new dimension to the carrots and pepper.


Spicy Dill Quark Dip

Easy to prepare and delicious. Quark dips are perfect for dipping vegetables, topping your favourite cracker, or being eaten with a spoon.


Crunchy Nut Seed Granola

Granola, a nutty, crunchy mix of goodness. Keep this on hand to pep up your breakfast smoothies and yogurts, or grab a spoon and dig in. There’s no wrong way to enjoy the texture rich splendour we call granola. Traditionally, oats would be a primary ingredient in granola. But as