Modern Healthy Cuisine

Nutritional Information

Our nutritional information is intended to help you determine the value of the food in your diet.

Be aware that the makeup of ingredients varies signfiicantly. The resulting information is based on estimates and calculations from those ingredients and the cooking methods used. This feature is still experimental and will have some errors in the data.

Energy Barchart

The energy barchart shows a breakdown of the caloric content. This is based on the energy value of each part, not the mass.

Below the chart is a legend, including the percentage contribution.


Carbohydrates are all carbohydrates excluding fibre. These have a similar metabolic pathway in the body: being converted relatively quickly to blood sugar / glucose.

Glycemic load is based on this energy of carbohydrates. There is no consideration of the rate of absorption, or glycemic index, in these values. There is presently no way to estimate the rate of absorption based on ingredients.


The contribution of fibre to energy content is a bit uncertain. There are multiple models that consider it differently. Insoluble fibre aids in digestion, though doesn’t contribute to energy. Soluble, and fermentable fibre contributes some energy. It is converted into short-chain fatty acids.

There is sparse information available for the types of fibre in most ingredients. Most of our fibre energy estimates are based on total energy, less other sources. As we find more information we will continue to update our ingredient database and provide more accurate information.