Modern Healthy Cuisine

Crunchy Chocolate Date Bar

A sweet natural chocolate bar. Roasted soy beans lend a crunchy texture, while the roast cacao beans make it hard to eat only one.

Vanilla Cashew Date Cream

Mouth watering cashew cream with an accent of vanilla. A vegan dessert recipe with only a few ingredients, no added sugar, and plenty of healthy fats.

Chocolate Cashew Date Cream

Delectably rich and silky smooth chocolate dessert. A vegan recipe with only a few ingredients, no added sugar, and plenty of healthy fats.

Fried Lemon Chard

Beautiful colours with a zesty taste. Swish chard is a lovely seasonal vegetable that takes little to prepare.

Cashew Banana Cream

Let this firm cream burst into a rich banana flavour in your mouth. This vegan banana cream recipe is an easy path to a delicious snack.

Earthy Seitan with Red Beet

Another delicious seitan with a soft, but firm, texture. The red beet in this recipe tints the seitan, also giving it an earthy flavour. Nutmeg

Fresh Mango Slush

A quick and delicious fresh mango drink. This slush recipe puts your ice-chopping blender to good use.

Chive Quark Tzatziki

Fresh, tangy, and creamy. What more could you want? This tzatziki recipe has some pungent notes yet remains smooth. Great for dipping.

Raspberry Banana Milk Pudding

A delicious creamy raspberry pudding. With no added sugar, nor corn starch, this recipe is a guilt-free pleasure. Enjoy the banana and milk richness.

Coconut Banana Milk Pudding

Lots of coconut packed into a banana-milk creaming pudding. This recipe is simple: blend and heat. Out comes a delicious and healthy coconut snack.