Modern Healthy Cuisine

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Sunflower Flax Bread

A hearty, moist bread packed with sunflower seeds. There’s no need to give up your bread tradition in exchange for less carbohydrates.


Kate’s Almond Flatbread

An airy low-carb bread, wonderful for spreads or pizza crust. This easy yeast bread recipe has few ingredients.


Basic Cauliflower Soy Pizza Crust

Another delicious low-carb way to eat pizza. This cauliflower crust is an excellent base to carry tomato sauce, vegetables, and lots of cheese.


Almond Flour Rosemary Bannock

I’ve been on a constant quest for a decent low-carb bread. With this bannock, I think I have solid success. While not light, it is airy and delicious. The rosemary fragrance wafts through the kitchen, enticing guests to try a piece. It’s lovely if eaten fresh, on its own or