Simple beet salad refined with pistachios. The deep red of the beets is accented with brilliant green chives and basil.

I got a food delivery that included a lot of red beets. Usually, I’d jump to making a stew, or soup, but I already had my mains for dinner planned. I took the chance to create a red beet salad, something I haven’t done in a long time.

The basics of the salad are always the same: cook the beets, chop, add oil and vinegar. Unfortunately, I was having a hard time getting a decent photo of this, even with the added green herbs. Something was still missing. I decided I’d try adding some nuts to the plate. The irregular shape of pistachios was a nice contrast to the blocky beets. After the picture, I had a taste and was pleasantly surprised at the combination. Thus, my red beet salad has pistachios.

You can probably add two, or even three times as many nuts. I stopped at what seemed like a minimum amount. Not every bite will include a nut, providing varying textures as you eat.

Yes, I think about the composition of spoonfuls when I cook. Slicing the beets, I try to imagine how many pieces will fit on a fork, and how they’ll feel in the mouth. If it’s too big, you’ll get only a single boring piece, and if chopped too fine you’ll no longer notice the nice beet texture. Getting a feel for this can greatly improve your cooking.

Now, go and slice those beets into a lush red salad.

Red Beet with Pistachio Salad


  1. 1 kilogram
    Red Beet
  2. 30 g 2 tablespoon
    extra virginOlive Oil
  3. 30 g 2 tablespoon
    Balsamic Vinegar
  4. 50 g 7 tablespoon
    shelledRoasted and sodiumed Pistachios
  5. 4 teaspoon
  6. 20 leaves


  • pots
  • stove
  • mixing bowl


Cook Beets

  1. Place beets in a pot
  2. Fill with enough water to cover the beets
  3. Bring to a boild
  4. Reduce heat to a simmer
  5. Let boil for 45min to an hour, until beets are soft (can be poked with a toothpick)
  6. Remove from water
  7. Let cool, peel and clean the beets


  1. Cut the beets into strips, about 5mm thick
  2. Add beets to a mixing bowl
  3. Add oil and vinegar to the mixing bowl, mix
  4. Shell the pistachios
  5. Chop the chives and basil
  6. Add chives and basic to the mixing bowl, mix
  7. Add the pistachios and mix, or add them on top of the beets when serving