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Tomato Feta Sunflower Salad

A crisp palette pleasing salad. The crisp iceberg lettuce lets the feta cheese take center stage, all set against a backdrop of fresh tomatoes. Rounding off the dish with a nutty flavour is a bit of pumpkin seed oil and a handful of sunflower seeds.


Greek Salad

Contrasts and chunky goodness define the nature of greek salads. Whole olives play off cubes of feta. Cucumbers crunch alongside the softer tomatoes. Oil and vinegar let it all shine. Greek Salad Ingredients Feta Cheese Tomato Cucumber Bell Pepper Kalamata Olive extra virginOlive Oil White Balsamic Vinegar Salt Peppercorn


Orange Brazil-Nut Spinach Salad

A simple yet succulent salad with contrasting flavours. Not all salads need to be complex to be delicious. This modest combination of baby spinach, oranges, and brazil nuts carries an abundance of flavour and texture.


Red Beet with Pistachio Salad

Simple beet salad refined with pistachios. The deep red of the beets is accented with brilliant green chives and basil.


Basic Creamy Salad Dressing

Salad, an essential partner for all low carb fans. I never much liked them until I adopted a low-carb diet. Once I gave up the silly notion that fat was bad, I could create exceedingly rich dressings. Rather than being a simple side-dish, I’ve turned my salads into full meals.