Carrots make for a lovely dish. Steaming brings out their colour, making them stand out on a plate. They’re perfect for combining with those delicious, yet somewhat drab, foods.

There’s not much to this recipe. Chop some carrots and onions, then steam them. I enjoy the taste of carrots and have only accented them in this recipe. The clean flavour is a nice contrast when served with stronger foods.

The roasted peanuts give texture to the dish. If you like hard carrots and take them out quickly from the steamer, the nuts may not pair well. But if your carrots are soft, the peanuts add a delightful crunch.

Make sure you don’t steam too long. There’s a difference between soft and mushy. Nobody wants mushy carrots.

Steamed Carrots


  1. 250 g
  2. 1 medium
    Yellow Onion
  3. ¹⁄₄ teaspoon
  4. ¹⁄₄ teaspoon
  5. 2 teaspoon
    Coconut Oil
  6. 50 g ³⁄₈ cup
    Roasted and SaltedPeanuts (optional)


  • large pot
  • steamer insert
  • stove



  1. Insert the steamer into the pot and add water to a bit under the level of the insert.
  2. Place the pot on the stove and turn to high heat.
  3. Peel the carrots and slice them into roughly half centimeter slices. Add the sliced carrots to the pot.
  4. Slice, or dice, the onions. Add them to the pot.
  5. Sprinkle the salt and pepper on top of the vegetables.
  6. Once the pot is boiling turn it down to low heat. Cover the pot with the lid and let it steam for 10-20 minutes, until the carrots are soft, but not mushy.


  1. Move the vegetables from the pot to a bowl.
  2. Remove the steamer and empty the pot. Return it to the stove, on the warm element, but turn the heat off.
  3. Return the vegetables to the pot.
  4. Add the coconut oil to the pot.
  5. Optionally add roasted peanutes to the pot.
  6. Stir all ingredients in the pot. It’s ready to serve.