A quick and delicious fresh mango drink. This slush recipe puts your ice-chopping blender to good use.

Depending on your blender, getting rid of all the ice chunks can be tricky. If you are having difficulties, try removing the slushy part, then continue blending the remaining chunks. You can mix everything together afterwards.

The 300g of mango in the recipe refers to the amount of mango flesh you’ll get from two medium mangos. If your blender is up for the task, and you want an extra cold treat, you can use frozen mango.

Slurp away!

Fresh Mango Slush


  1. 2 medium 300 g
    Mangopeeled and pitted
  2. 200 g ³⁄₄ cup
    Ice Cubes


  • blender


  1. Put the mango and ice into a blender.
  2. Use the blender's ice chopping setting, a high-speed pulshing.
  3. Blend until you have a consistent mixture without large chunks.