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Layered Blueberry Yogurt with Chocolate

A fantastic gradient of blueberry topped with chocolate, cashews, and fresh berries. Layered Blueberry Yogurt with Chocolate Ingredients Blueberrypureed Yoghurt Cashewschopped Dark Chocolate 99%chopped Blueberry


Soy Banana Pudding

Smooth, naturally sweetened banana pudding. This recipe uses a small number of ingredients and has few steps. Sprinkle some nuts and chocolate on top for a first class dessert.


Creamed Cashew Banana Cake

Luscious cashew-banana cream layered with the deep flavour of cacao beans and accented with fresh strawberries. This smooth cake is an absolute delight. It’s rich on flavours and packs solid nutritional values.


Almond Sunflower Ginger Bread

An exquisite spiced ginger cake. Let its rich nutty flavour keep you warm while it’s cold outside. My take on this seasonal classic replaces most