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Crunchy Chocolate Date Bar

A sweet natural chocolate bar. Roasted soy beans lend a crunchy texture, while the roast cacao beans make it hard to eat only one.


Cashew Coconut Fig Cranberry Bar

A lovely treat for coconut lovers. With a blend of mild cashews, sweet figs, and candied cranberries, this recipe will be sure to delight.


Cashew Almond Chocolate Fig Bar

Delicious all-natural chocolate bars. This cashew and almond bar recipe packs a lot of roast chocolate flavour. And there’s no added-sugar — the sweetness comes from the juicy figs.


Roasted Spicy Squash Seeds

Crunchy and light, roasted squash and pumpkin seeds are a wonderful snack. This easy-to-prepare recipe is also a nice appetizer and great salad topper.


Flax Chia Sesame Crackers

A light and crisp cracker with a stunningly deep flavour. A convenient, low-card and gluten-free snack.