Delicious, healthy, low-carb pizzas belong in every diet. One of my original goals for this site, I’ve been successful in creating numerous wonderful dough recipes. Here I’ll present some options to feeding your pizza cravings in a healthy manner, without compromising on flavour.

The Dough

Getting a low-carb pizza is all about creating a suitable dough. With a strong base, you can add toppings with reckless abandon, creating a flavour monster, or opting for a minimal sauce-only variations.

Compared to white flower crusts, these low-carb recipes are loaded with their own flavour, each with their own character. Give each of them a try and keep coming back as I’ll keep adding more.

Cauliflower doughs are wonderful, though can be time consuming. If you have a store that sells riced/shredded cauliflower, wonderful, that saves most of the effort!

The Sauce

Your lovely dough desires an equally wonderful sauce, something that accents the flavour.

Here are a few of my creations to get you started.

The Toppings

Anything goes!

Give me time and I’ll come up with some classic recipes, such as pizza fungi, pepperoni pizza. Or keep it simple with a pizza margherita, using only the sauce, and perhaps some mozarella.

I love the taste of sliced tomatoes with cheese on top. Zucchini is a common variation that works well with moisture pizzas.

For cheese I’ll use almost anything, though it’s nice to experiment. Do I want a nicely melted soft cheese, a punchy hard cheese, or a nicely browned feta? If you need to avoid dairy, the vegan melts work, or you can skip the cheese and still have a delicious pizza.


I bake the pizzas in two phases, once with only the dough, and then once with toppings. This helps the crust bake evenly. Some doughs might otherwise end up moist, and without a thin cooked layer they absorb the sauce.

A second bake with toppings lets me bake only as long as necessary — no needing to worry about whether the dough is done. Once the cheese melts and browns, it’s ready to eat.

Unless I’m alone, I’ll transfer the pizza to a cutting board, or pizza plate, and slice it. For these style of pizzas rectangle pizzas, instead of wedges, work better. The doughs should provide liftable pieces, but varying moisture content and baking time might require the use of a knife and fork. Always delicious.


Armed with healthy recipes, go ahead and enjoy pizza as often as you’d like. Mix up the doughs, sauces, and toppings and you could survive, no thrive, on pizzas alone.

Bon appétit, fellow pizza lover. 🍕